Three Tips for Hiring a Catering Service


There are many occasions for which you might need a catering service. If you’re getting married, having a formal dinner party for a charitable organisation, or arranging a company holiday party, they can take care of the following aspects of the event:

  • Menu planning
  • Food preparation
  • Table arrangements and set-up
  • Table service

However, you need to find a service that can accommodate your needs, so use these tips to hire the right catering service.

Decide on a Service

While many caterers are full service, some only provide the basic needs, so you should determine which you want. For a formal event or a wedding, find caterers that offer table service so guests needn’t worry about standing in line to be served and balancing their food and drinks as they move through the crowd.

Plan the Menu for Guests

Unless it’s for your wedding, you should consider your guests when planning the menu with Kent caterers. To keep costs down, offer two or three inexpensive entrée options with sides, instead of expensive steaks or seafood. If your guests are younger, consider vegan and vegetarian options as well. Choose a caterer who can accommodate these needs and provide other suggestions.

Sample Their Food

There is nothing more disappointing than attending a great event and eating really bad food. To prevent this, have the caterers you’re considering prepare a tasting menu so that you can sample their food.

Then, select a caterer that can provide the services you want with food that you and your guests will enjoy. Using these tips can help you find a caterer that can accommodate your event needs.

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