The Beauty of the Whole Coffee Experience


For non-drinkers, they will never understand the beauty of enjoying a cup of joe; the rich aroma, the smell that begins the process of truly waking you up in the morning, and the first pleasurable sip. While the British make a whole fetish out of drinking tea, Americans have made an industry of coffee drinking with ubiquitous Starbucks chains seemingly around every corner.

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Let’s see how you can enhance your coffee experience to get more out of it.

Quiet Contemplation

Sitting alone after dusk while waiting for your coffee to cool a little before taking the next sip is a time for contemplation. Before the hustle and bustle comes over you and your heart must beat a little faster to keep pace with the madness of your work day, a relaxed tranquility calms the mind and lets you plan sensibly for what lies ahead.

If you’re someone who never gets enough time to read, then using a Kindle e-reader is easy on the eyes first thing in the morning when bright tablets aren’t too kind. The e-ink display is soothing even if your reading material is the latest Lincoln Rhyme thriller from Jeffery Deaver or a spine chiller from Stephen King that has you on the edge of your seat.

Drink from Stoneware Coffee Mugs

The beauty of well-made stoneware coffee mugs is that these earthenware mugs withstand the rigors of regular use without picking up chips or worse still, shattering in your hand. With the handmade variety, they’re produced with a loving sense of detail in each mug while still retaining a unique feel.

For home use or when ordering a collection of mugs for the office, a unique design can be created, or an existing design often replicated to emboss the exterior with an attractive appearance. Bear in mind that most designs use just one or two colors, so complicated logos may need to be simplified to look their best. Buying American-made helps support local stoneware producers too.

Shared Discovery

Trying out an exotic new coffee blend – perhaps imported – is something to look forward to and often best shared with friends. Getting a group together to try out a new coffee blend, catch up with the latest gossip and discover what’s new in their lives makes it even more enjoyable.

For people with a refined palette, trying a new coffee blend can be just as interesting as discovering a new wine from a little-known vineyard in the Napa Valley. The subtle mix of flavors and how it is similar (or differs) from other blends tried previously provides a good talking point for coffee devotees.

Whether enjoying a quite coffee drink or sharing the experience with good friends, the drinks of the Gods should be savored and enjoyed in equal measure. While it provides a pleasing caffeine kick an hour after consumption, both the rich taste and a spoonful of added sugar surely provide enough of a kick for a little instant gratification too. And who can complain about that?!

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