How to Make a Decision for Catering Refrigeration


Catering fridges come in various models and sizes. Therefore, you need to consider several factors before making a buying decision. First, you must consider exactly how you will be using the refrigerated trailer and the food it will contain. When used for catering, refrigerated trailers are used at carnivals and fairs, amusement parks, for catered affairs, at convention sites, and for golf tournaments.

A Walk-in Cooler for Any Event

Refrigerated trailers are also used for weddings and other specific functions, such as birthday parties, anniversary parties, and church functions. Using this kind of trailer for catering makes it possible then for you to have a walk-in cooler at any catered event.

Check on Power

Make sure the fridge offers such amenities as adjustable and commercial-grade wire shelves. If you choose a trailer to tow, then you need to also make sure you are properly insured and that you have the necessary towing equipment as well. If you do not have power at the event, check to see about generator usage as well.

More Flexibility

If you select a catering equipment hire in Dunmow, make sure that you choose a trailer that will enable you to provide the necessary food for the event or allow you to cook on-site. The use of refrigeration can make it easier for you to expand your catering enterprise by allowing you more flexibility with respect to assignment types.

How Many People Will Be Attending the Event?

As indicated, when you have refrigeration available, you can work at a variety of events and festivals. Refrigeration also makes it possible for you to keep food fresh and safe. Normally, it makes the most sense to hire a trailer for a minimum of two day or three days – for a weekend event. Sizes can vary, so think about your food refrigeration needs and the number of attendees you will be servicing at the catered function or event.

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