Grand Millesime – Food and Wine


There are several ways to combine several French food and wine to be able to make the perfect masterpiece for dinner, weddings or other regular or fancy occasions that may come about in a person’s life. The Grand Millesime – Food and Wine offer a variety of delicacies. All you need to do is to spark up some creativity to be able to be able to prepare a savory combination of them. There are four factors that can help you decide which Food and Wine you can put together to make a beautiful combination of drink and dish.


The sharp and sour flavors on the wine are the two factors that will let you know of its acidity level. An example that could be an equal to this acidity is a really sour apple. You can feel the acid on your tongue as a sharp sensation.

Try to study as you taste the wine how strong is the sharp sensation. This will be important in matching it with the perfect food.


You can get to know the body of the wine by its thickness and how you feel it when it touches your mouth. Examples of the wine’s body are thin and light, or creamy but heavy. The body of the wine is generally your opinion. It’s how you feel the wine that’ll make you decide what the body is like.


Of course, before you drink the wine, you always sniff it first. After smelling it, think about how it generally is?

The aroma of a wine either comes in one or two combinations, or a complicated swirl of aromas that blend and complement the other as it is exposed to the air. Try to identify the notes it has. This would include the floral, fruity, earthy, and the nutty smell and many more.


Normally, you can easily know the wine’s flavor by its scent. What you get to smell is what you’d usually taste it’s really rare to find a taste that’s completely distant from the aroma it produces.

Taste the Wine

Try to find out its natural intensity. Portray in your mind exactly how much power does the liquid have. Think about how the wine is balanced. Does the fruit stand out? Does the alcohol overpower the others?

Making the Perfect Blend

Matching which food would be perfect for which wine is easier than it seems. First of all, disregard all the other common laws about matching the Food and Wine. Some say that you should use white wine for seafood, but instead of following that rule, dump it for now.

Using the Food and Wine, you can make any combination you like. Once you’ve determined the acidity, aroma, flavor and the body of the wine, you’re now ready to make the perfect blend.

It’s really simple. The general rule in matching the Food and Wine is to try and define each other according to its individual characteristics especially its intensity.


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