Do You Own a Fish and Chip Shop


If you run a fish and chip shop in the UK, you need to make sure your range and ducting is maintained properly. Therefore, you need to know a service provider that maintains, installs, and repairs fish and chip ranges. Make sure the service technicians are Gas Safe registered and COM CAT qualified.

Service Requirements

When making a selection for a maintenance and installation provider, make sure regular fish and chip fryer services in Yorkshire include the following:

  • Performing a gas tightness test and making a check again
  • Checking pans for leaks or indications of pitting
  • Stripping the range to access pans and range ducting
  • Cleaning the range, ducts, pilots, and burners
  • Changing the thermocouples and gaskets
  • Cleaning the fan impeller and sump box
  • Re-sitting pans back in new fire cement
  • Cleaning the safety stats and temperature probes for more precise readings
  • Inspecting the wiring for signs of heat damage
  • Building the range back up
  • Making sure all temperature and safety stats are working properly
  • Gas rating and inspecting working and burner pressures for pans
  • Performing a flue flow evaluation

Obtaining the Required Certificates

The maintenance provider you choose should also provide you with a gas safety inspection certificate and insurance certificate. Any gas safety warnings should be communicated too.

As you can see, you need to work with a company that is totally well-versed in servicing and maintaining ranges for fish and chip shops. If you run a fish and chip shop in the UK, you cannot go without this type of service.

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