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Dining Alternatives for Productive People

If you are a workaholic whose life revolves around your business, you will not have much time for things like food preparation. Active lifestyles require energy and just because you haven’t got the time to cook, doesn’t mean you have to live on convenience food, and with nutritious food delivered

A Guide To Decoding The Indian Menu Part 2

A continuation of ‘A Guide To Decoding The Indian Menu Part 1’, this nifty collection of common Indian terms lifted straight off the menus of some of London’s best Indian fine dining restaurants will help you gain a greater understanding of Indian cuisine, order with confidence and impress all your

Eat Street Of Eastern Europe

Street Food is an incredible way to eat out of the four walls. People in this fast-paced era want things their way. Street food is quick, inexpensive and tasty. Food carts, food trucks, food lorries and food deliveries have made life simpler for people with hectic schedules. The concept of

Papaya Diet To Lose Weight Fast

Do you have to lose weight in the summer? For the papaya diet to lose weight fast is an excellent choice because in addition to losing those extra kilos can also enjoy the benefits that this fruit provides the body. Sweet, pleasant taste and an attractive orange, papaya and other fruits

Lunch Delivery To Your Office

Making lunch every day for a Monday to Friday job can be extremely frustrating, trying to think of what to bring to the desk the following day! This leads to many office workers heading out for lunch and getting caught up in the lunchtime rush, queuing for half an hour at

Great Indian Food Traditions

The majority of us would like to think we had a fairly good grasp of Indian food. Here in the UK wepride ourselves in knowing our way around an Indian menu. In fact, we eat so much Indian food many of us take it for granted. And whether we love

Grand Millesime – Food and Wine

There are several ways to combine several French food and wine to be able to make the perfect masterpiece for dinner, weddings or other regular or fancy occasions that may come about in a person’s life. The Grand Millesime – Food and Wine offer a variety of delicacies. All you

Food And Culture At The Agri-Koli Mahotsav

Each January, Nerul, the affluent district of Mumbai, plays host to the annual Agri-Koli Mahotsav. This lavish festival is a highlight of the Indian calendar, celebrating the traditions, customs and heritage of both the Agri and Koli people and tempts thousands of visitors to come and pay tribute to these

Things We Should Know About Oil Olive Processing

Cultivated olives have been around for many centuries and they are essential condiments in our appetizers and meals. We have noticed its health benefits and olive oil is known to provide healthy fats. Olive farming started in the Mediterranean and the industry has spread to many parts of the world. The